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Hello Friends

2008-06-08 03:23:49 by manishan

Hi dear friends

I make this image for checking my skills

Please give your response

Hello Friends

Hi everyone

2007-12-09 02:21:46 by manishan

Here are some update's
we have some photoshop artists on NG.
and sprite animators.
u can chk them out via these links.
Hope u will enjoy these links.

Proxicide's gallery
Bhograj's gallery
Khote,s gallery
Slicing-claw's gallery
Skater 007 gallery
Thekingshucke's Gallery
Manishan's gallery


(1) This pic is made by khote and chk his album with new updates.
(2) chk my photobucket gallery its a part of my inspiration of my favourite celebs.which i like most
(3) HI all sprite lover Azn-sk8er-dude is making one last flash. My friends and my brothers keep bugging him about it. If he like doing this one he might come back for good. No details on his flash yet.

Hi everyone


I am bigggggggggggggggggggggg fan of these guys.
I am not able to create stunning graphics and animation like
these emo. So i placed their banner and photo to my page.

I tried hard to make my own bannner or photo.

have a nice day to all sprite animatiors.